X-Treme Dance Studio
Laurel, Delaware

Studio Policy

Review this information prior to registering as you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

All individuals that enter the studio should be aware that we have security cameras that live stream audio and video signal in the studio. These cameras also have the ability to record audio and video. These recordings are solely for security purposes and will not be available to the public, they will only be available to the studio owner, the police and to legal representative(s) in the event of a crime on or to studio property.

All students are required to complete a registration form to participate in our programs. Please fill out and return the form as soon as possible, along with the required non-refundable registration fee ($20 per student for fall/spring $10 per new student for summer)

Dress Code
Students MUST be in dress code to attend class. Students may purchase dancewear from XDS.
If not in dress code, for the first offense, student will receive warning. After the first offense, students will not be able to participate in class and a letter will be sent home.

Leotard, tights or leggings, pink canvas or leather ballet slippers, hair pulled back, knit pants,
shorts, ballet skirts & leg warmers are optional, no jazz pants, gum, hoodies, socks, jewelry, or PJ’s.

Jazz/Hip Hop 
Tank or t-shirt (or ballet attire), leggings or stretch dance pants, black jazz shoes or boots (black ballet slippers are acceptable for Introductory classes since jazz shoes do not come in small enough sizes), no dance sneakers unless permission is given, no jeans, PJ’s, gum, long pants, sweat pants, jewelry, or socks. Hair must be pulled back

Follow Ballet or Jazz code with black tap shoes. Tap shoes may not have heels and for the advanced class they may not be mary jane style.

Introductory to Dance
These students do not have a set dress code and are encouraged to wear clothing in which they can move comfortably. We do ask that they wear leather or canvas ballet or jazz shoes of any color.

Dance Team
Follow jazz/hip-hop's dress code.

Dance Team
This team will be involved in competitions and additional performance opportunities throughout the dance year. Children must attend at least one weekly class at this studio to participate and must be in level 3 or above to audition. Team members can not miss more than four practices a year. Event expenses will be in addition to the monthly class fee. This is a TEAM. If parents or students are not treating other team members respectfully students may face suspension from the team. 

All students are expected to purchase the costume selected for his/her class. Costume fees are non-refundable once the costume has been ordered. Payments are due November 1st (recital costume deposit), and January 1st (recital costume payoff). There will be a $10 late fee for delinquent payments after the 15th of the month. Costumes may require alterations or exchange for size. If the costume needs to be exchanged and the company requires a restock fee the family is responsible for paying this fee along with any shipping costs. We will take class time to try on costumes. 

Please read the information shared with you in monthly newsletters as all necessary information is available there. Please feel free to discuss any comments, questions or concerns with Mrs. Meredith or front desk staff. Please do not go directly to your child’s teacher. They will redirect you to the proper staff. Leave us a message on our voicemail, facebook, e-mail or text and we will get back to you promptly. We are always open to suggestions and feel free to do so.

Payment Information
Payments for the summer program are required in full by the first day of class including the registration fee for new students. 

Payments for the fall/spring are
required to be made 1 month in advance.  For example, September is due at registration, October payment is due September 1st, November payment is due October 1st, December payment is due November 1st, and so on.  Payments are due the 1st of each month, and no later than the 15th of the month. A $10 late fee will be added on the 16th of each month. Students will be temporarily suspended from class if the family's account becomes 2 months past due. 
All tuition, costume, and/or event fees are non-refundable. All fees must be up to date in order to receive costumes and participate in performances or new programs.
All returned checks will result in a $25 fee.
A written notice must be submitted to withdraw or change classes.  Classes attended will require that month’s payment. Informing us immediately of withdrawal or desired change of class is very helpful.
To make a payment: -Pay online with PayPal at www.X-TremeDS.com.
-Mail to: 10759-A North Laurel Plaza Road, Laurel, De. 19956
 -Submit to front desk.
Credit or make-up classes may not be available for missed classes, short months, or inclement weather.
Be sure to read our e-mails, facebook posts, newsletters, notices, and bulletin announcements for important monthly information.

Class Prices
Summer - Intro, level 1, 2 & Beginner - $70; Level 3-5 & Intermediate - $80

Intro - $45/month

Tap 1 & Beginner Level- $50/month 
Intermediate Level, Tap 2 & 3, Acrobatics 1 & 2, levels 3 & 4 Jazz/Hip-hop & Advanced-Intermediate Level - $55/month
Advanced Level - $60/month

Dance Team - $70/month (multi class discount does not apply)
Pointe - $40/month (invitation only; multi class discount does not apply)
Private Lessons (including Solo's):  Price varies depending on instructors fees 

2 Classes = $10 off monthly tuition
3 Classes = $20 off monthly tuition
4 Classes = $30 off monthly tuition
5 Classes = $40 off monthly tuition
6 Classes = $50 off monthly tuition
7 Classes = $60 off monthly tuition
8 Classes = $70 off monthly tuition
9 Classes = $80 off monthly tuition
10 Classes = $90 off monthly tuition

Closings and Holiday's
Visit www.X-TremeDS.com, our Facebook page, or call 302.629.4049 regarding inclement weather closings. If Laurel/Seaford school districts are closed, that is a good indication that the studio is closed, but please double check.
The Studio will be closed for the following Holidays per school district schedule: 
Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas/New Year's Break, Easter Break

Good attendance is imperative as absences can hold back an entire class. If your child misses class regularly, he or she may be transferred to a lower level class. Tuition is not prorated due to absences, vacations, or sports.If your child is going to be absent, please send a message to let us know. Dance Team members may face suspension if more than 4 team rehearsals are missed within the year. 

Dance Rooms
Only dancers are allowed in the studios. Children are not permitted in the studios that are not in use.

Students are expected to be on their best behavior. This is critical to the learning process. If a student becomes disruptive to the class, they will be asked to sit and observe the class for the remainder of that time. If the behavior continues the student may be asked to leave to allow other students the ability to learn to receive proper attention from the instructors in a positive environment free of disruption. 

Please do not bring your children to the studio if they are showing signs of illness, fever, runny nose, cough, rash, etc. Please inform staff if there is a medical concern that we should be made aware of.

Everyone is welcome in our waiting area; however, parents assume full responsibility for the actions and behavior of all children under their supervision. Please remember that our lobby is where all studio business is conducted and we cannot tolerate excessive noise. 

Picture Day
A schedule will be provided for the day and families may use this time to have professional photos taken of students in their annual recital costumes with their class and individually in May. Package prices vary. If you are unable to purchase a package, we still encourage students to participate in the group photo.  Students will need to wear tan tights and their dance shoes for the photo.

Awards/Pizza Party
The week before the annual recital, students will receive awards to acknowledge the number of years attending XDS, along with a pizza party to celebrate the completion of the Spring program. Parents are invited to this event.

Annual Recital
Students in the Spring program will participate in a performance at the end of May/early June.  Dress rehearsal will be Friday before the show on Saturday.   No flash or video allowed.  Vendors are available and a videographer will be taking videos that can be purchased. Tickets will be on sale for a limited time.  Ticket prices will increase at the door. All accounts must be paid in full and costumes must be properly altered or the student will not be permitted to perform.

Solos, Duets, Group Performances
Students who wish to do a solo, duet, or group dance need to be in the advanced level class or dancing with someone in this level. Sign-ups will be posted on the bulletin board.  If assistance is needed with choreography, see private lesson fees.

Refreshments and Snacks
All drinks must have a lid or cap and all snacks must be finished in the lobby, not in the dance areas. Please bring healthy, non-messy snacks.

Cell Phones
No cell phones are permitted in the dance room at anytime. No one is allowed to text, make phone calls, or answer phone calls during class time.